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April 17th. This is a packaged deal. 3 seminars and lunch for $325


Dan Pemble

Legibility of a Tattoo

Dan Pemble has made a name for himself as one of the tattoo industry’s premier teachers. His enthusiasm is unmatched, but his desire to help you become a better tattooer is even stronger. He has an eye for the perfect silhouette. Dan’s carefully constructed tattoos are easily identified from 100ft away as his style seamlessly blends illustrative tattoos with traditional fundamentals. His “Legibility of a Tattoo” seminar is not to be missed.

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Jonathan Penchoff

Traveling as a Tattooer

How to travel smart for conventions, guest spots, over seas trips and more. Also useful tips on how to preserve your body as a tattooer while working in less than ideal situations on the road.

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Dave Koenig

Go Big… or Go Home.

Dave Koenig will take you through his step-by-step process of how he approaches large-scale tattoos. From presenting the ideas to the right clients, how to design and scale the tattoo, to the application and tools used for the tattoo.

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