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April 15th. This is a packaged deal. 4 seminars and lunch for $400


Joshua Bowers

Mechanics Of Tattooing

I have been tattooing for over 20 years and designing, engineering and building machines and equipment for over 15 years. I will be sharing the mechanical knowledge that I have acquired over the years that has not only given me the ability to engineer extremely effective equipment, but also to use that equipment to apply super solid tattoos. I will be presenting on the mechanics of tattooing think of this as Tattoo Lab 101, everything from set up, equipment, procedure and even aftercare. We will be getting deep in to the weeds of all these topics. I will be addressing many common troubles and issues that tattooers experience such as poor or slow linework, poor saturation, slow or poor healing and more. I will teach you how to correct these issues and why these solutions work.

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I began my professional career in tattooing and art 27 years ago. I started my career as a street shop tattooer with very little art knowledge and along the way managed to reach a point where I became an innovator in the new school tattoo movement and have success as an artist outside tattooing doing commercial work and showing in galleries. 


This seminar I will focus on 27 tips (one for each year) that I found personally beneficial as an artist and creative throughout my career . 


The areas discussed will include visual story telling, process and tricks to improve art as well as areas to help overcome hurdles that will likely show up along the way with a focus on longevity.

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Alisha Harding 

Anatomical Animal Tattooing

A discussion in basic animal anatomy in a palatable and easily customizable/manipulatable way for dynamic composure. As well as a few universal, yet simple, dos and dont’s. Further discover into color theory, and basic techniques for achieving quality tattoos. 

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Stefano Alcantara

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

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